The Tony Hawk Game Theory


Ever since I first played the Tony Hawk games I’ve been thinking about how all of the games possibly takes place in the same universe. After 12 years of playing I’ve finally found out how they can all be connected. Let’s enter an alternate universe called the Tony Hawk game univere. This theory will cover every Tony Hawk game made by Neversoft, except for spin-offs

So this theory is mostly about the timeline, where the Tony Hawk games takes place.

Tony Hawk’s Underground takes place from late 2003-2004, how do we know? The first thing I noticed is that you can see Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 on your skater’s desktop in the beginning of the game. This also means that the Pro Skater games are all fictional in the other Tony Hawk games and none of the events took place in the universe. However, you also enter Tampa Am 2004 which makes it pretty obvious. Meanwhile the events in Underground takes place Project 8 also takes place.


Even if you’re playing the game in 2013, you’re still going to win Tampa Am 2004.

Now you might be wondering where the town in Project 8 is on the map and I’ll get to that later. In Tony Hawk’s Underground you and Eric Sparrow become pro skaters. They start out as amateurs, but after just a short time they become the best. In Project 8 Eric Sparrow is in the top 200 list of best skaters. And in Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Tony Hawk is looking for undiscovered talents. That expalins why he appears in Tampa during Tampa Am in Tony Hawk’s Underground, I mean why would he be there otherwise?


What is Tony Hawk really doing at Tampa Am 2004?

So he both meets you and Eric there. The events in Project 8 must therefore begin after Tampa Am 2004. Because Eric appears on the top 200 list immideatly. He came 2nd in Tampa am which could be the reason why he is on the list from the start. After Tampa am Tony Hawk completly dissapears for no reason and makes his comeback in Moscow. When you’ve completed Tony Hawk’s Underground you and Eric are ranked as two of the best skaters. In the ending of my project 8 Eric is 6th, which means that this is where Project 8 ends as well.

Shortly after Underground, World Destruction Tour begins. Your skater gets kidnapped in New Jersey and possibly wakes up in Woodland Hills. It is said that the famous level Warehouse is in Woodland Hills California but if “custom skater” was kidnapped in New Jersey it would take exactly 41 hours to drive to Woodland Hills. That would be an incredible distance but could still work because Tony Hawk lives in Carlsbad which is only 2 hours away, and yeah he probably takes private plane…

When you’re in Warehouse/Training Tony Hawk talks about that the best skaters gets to participate in world destruction tour. You can see Eric Sparrow in this cutscene. This means that Eric is still one of the best as well as YOU. During the tour a producer called Nigel Beaverhausen wants to film the whole tour and reveals in New Orleans that he filmed it all. Keep this in mind. In Australia Eric gets eliminated from the tour and states that doesn’t have a ticket home. We don’t see Eric later in the game.

Eric crying

                                                                                           Eric gets eliminated in Australia.

In Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Eric lives in Baltimore. This means that he must have been sent home or something or that he was only joking. But why would he move to Baltimore? Did he just want to get rid of custom skater and move to a new place? We don’t know but he must have had a good reason. It is stated that landsowne is his back yard which must mean that he has been living there for some time. My guess would be one year, why?

There are lots of different posters in Proving Ground refering to this. How long does it take for a movie to be released in cinemas? The editing takes around a year, if it’s not The Hobbit. First there’s a poster of a new movie being released called World Destruction Tour directed by Nigel Beaverhausen, this can’t be no other than the tour in Underground 2. Also, how can your skater in Proving Ground know about Eric? He has never met him before and he’s a kid from Philly so Eric must be famous. Also, he has his own BIG car so he must have made it to the top again.

world destruction tour and american wasteland

Two posters, the one to the left refers to The American Wasteland Magazine and the one to the right is an ad for World Destruction Tour.

Another big connection to Project 8 is the fun park poster. There are a few posters representing Fun Park from Tony Hawk’s Project 8 in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. This must mean that it’s very popular fun park. There are however no other things similair to Project 8 which I can find in Proving Ground. But this leads us to the question where in USA is the town in Project 8? The posters for Fun Park can only be seen in Philly which must mean that the town can’t be too far away. I know, there’s nothing called distance in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground since it only takes 30 seconds to ride your skateboard from Baltimore to Washington DC which would in real life take 4 hours if you had the speed of a bicycle.

Fun Park

A poster of Fun Park in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground.

But my suggestion is that the world in Project 8 could be somewhere in New Jersey. Since it’s one hour away with a car it’s a good guess. But also, since Tony Hawk’s Underground takes place in New Jersey at first and that Tony Hawk in Project 8 is looking for THE TOP 8 SKATERS IN TOWN he could possibly mean New Jersey, which explains why Eric is on the top 200 list in Project 8. That also explains why Tony Hawk was in Tampa am, other skaters from New Jersey were probably going to participate and after all, Project 8 is organized by him Tony Hawk.


Eric Sparrow on the rank list.

The third poster you may notice is a poster of the American Wasteland magazine. In American Wasteland Mindy writes a skating magazine called American Wasteland. This must be the ad for her skating magazine, it resambles the exact same logo as the magazine she is writing in the game. It can’t be a commercial for the game. This means that the events in American Wasteland must have happend recently. Since almost ALL the pro skaters from the other games exist in American Wasteland it must have some what happend recently. Mindy’s skateboarding magazine could have been published quick after the events in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland and then have been released.


The American Wasteland magazine by Mindy.

However, we do know that American Wasteland takes place in the same universe as Proving Ground because the fictional milk company called CUD can be seen in both games. I have only found a few facts that supports the fact that the events in American Wasteland takes place in 2005 but still, it’s very possible. Also, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland was released in 2005.

So the Tony Hawk Universe first begins with Tony Hawk’s Underground in 2003 in the ending of October month. Tampa am 2004 was in January and at that time Tony Hawk’s Project 8 starts off in New Jersey. In March 2004 both games ends. Shortly after, in October 2004 World Destruction Tour begins and ends in November the same year. Somewhere during spring in 2005 Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland begins and the game ends during somewhere in August. In October 2005 Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground begins and it’s the last game in the Tony Hawk Gaming universe.

So guys, there you go. That’s my theory about how all the Tony Hawk games are connected. Please share your opinions and if you got any questions about it then don’t mind asking, I’ll answer anything that’s related. As I said, the only games that are included are the story based games by Neversoft and partly the Pro Skater games. We know that they’re fictional in the universe due to their appearance as actual games in the story based Tony Hawk games. The other stuff appeared as non fictional, like the world destruction tour poster etc.

Like what you’re reading? Got any questions? Don’t mind! Please tweet me your questions @icebears4ever and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Adios amigo


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