4 Months With The Pixar Theory


It’s been over four months since the famous article The Pixar Theory by Jon Negroni went viral on the internet. I sat and watched a movie when my brother gave me the link to the blog. At first I thought it was just some kind of conspiracy like those worthless 9/11 and Simpsons ones but this one was different. So I gave it a read and I became very obsessed with it. I had to tell all my friends about it, it was so amazing. I’ve been reading it over 15 times by now and I’ve told all my friends about it.

If you still haven’t read it then there’s a link in the end of this blog. It’s about how every Pixar movie is connected. I almost cry everytime I read it. Brad Bird and John Lasseter has proved that animated movies can tell better stories than Orson Welles did with Citizen Kane if the theory is correct which I believe. Shortly, I’d say that every the Pixar movies are about how technology destroys the earth. It’s something we’re worrying about right now, is this a warning sign?

I can’t forget to mention Boo’s love for Sully because it’s one of the main elements in the Pixar universe. If you have read the theory you’ll understand. But I’m going to focus on things that people have been wondering about. One of the main questions is why a kid is reading a The Incredibles comic book in Finding Nemo if they were real. There are other references to The Incredibles, one known is Linguini who wears The Incredibles underpants in Ratatouille. I actually asked Jon Negroni about this and he gave me a great reply.

He said that society wanted people to forget that The Incredibles were real so they decided to make comic books and toys out of them so they would be remembered as fake. This really sounds silly but recently, I’ve re-watched A LOT of Pixar movies, almost one everyday. When I re-watched The Incredibles I thought a lot about what Jon told me. The movie takes place from 1950-1960s to 1970-1980s. How do we know? Well in the scene where “Mrs Incredible” is at Edna’s house and she shows her The Incredible’s new outfits she begins by talking about different deaths of superheroes caused by their suits. First she said something like 13th July 57, after that 12th September 58. Brad Bird has said that The Incredibles takes place during the 1950-1960s New York.

Since it says after the beginning of the movie that the rest of it takes place 15 years later I believe that it takes place around the 1970-1980s.

Finding Nemo takes place in 2003 and Ratattouille in 2007. By this time, society have probably forgotten about The Incredibles. So Jon Negroni’s reply probably meant something.

Let’s go back to the theory. It’s the best theory I’ve ever read and I want you to read it right now, I’d force everyone to read it if I could. I’ve also e-mailed John Lasseter and asked if he has read it but he hasn’t answered my question. The Pixar Theory forced me to re-watch every Pixar movie ever made and I’m still not done because I decided to begin a few weeks ago. If you watch The Pixar movies when you’re older you’ll cry more than the first time you watched them. Almost every movie (except for Cars 1 & 2 and A Bug’s Life) have a message.

Toy Story tells us about a toy who thinks he’s an astrounat from outer space. The Incredibles tells us about a kid who wants to take revenge for not being taken seriously. And of course, Ratattouille explains for us that “anyone can cook” even mice. The theory makes you want to watch Pixar movies more than ever. Now I will not repeat but it’s amazing that The Pixar Theory made me find some hidden messages as well. Like what technology is and what it can do to us. That was everything from me this time.

Like what you’re reading? Well blogging is not my absolute hobby but I write blogs sometimes. If you want more then contact me on YouTube or twitter @icebears4ever, I’ll follow you back on twitter if you seem like a real person. My YouTube channel is down her: http://www.youtube.com/icebears4ever

The Pixar Theory: http://jonnegroni.com/2013/07/11/the-pixar-theory/
Thanks for reading have a great day and bye!


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